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Active ingredients to improve water quality

Water is life.

We supply minerals to clean water circuits and improve water quality using cost-effective processes.

We have solutions for

  • Aquaristics / fish farming
  • pond construction
  • water remediation
  • drinking water treatment
  • rainwater treatment
  • site water treatment
  • remediation

Our services

FerroSorp® AW

Filter granulate for the further Phosphate elimination in small wastewater treatment plants.

FerroSorp® GW

Adsorber material for the Water remediation and water restoration.

FerroSorp® Plus

Filter material for removing phosphate and silicate from aquariums as well as garden and swimming ponds.

FerroSorp® Plus/SP

Adsorbent granules for removing pollutants from water.

FerroSorp® RW

Special adsorbent for the treatment of rainwater runoff.

Clinoptilolite zeolite

A natural raw material with a strong effect and a wide range of possible applications.