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FerroSorp® AW

Filter granules for further phosphate elimination in small sewage treatment plants and natural sewage treatment plants

General info

Due to their fertilizing effect, phosphate compounds from municipal sewage promote the growth of algae in water bodies and therefore have a eutrophic effect. The waste water from properties that are not connected to a public waste water treatment plant must be cleaned in a mechanical, fully biological small sewage treatment plant before it can be discharged into a body of water or seeped away.

By using FerroSorp® AW, the phosphorus present in the effluent of small sewage treatment plants can be completely removed and water pollution can be ruled out.

In addition, there is the possibility of recycling the phosphate and making it available for agriculture. The use of FerroSorp® AW represents a way of sustainably conserving resources and the environment.

Your advantages

  • high cleaning performance at low cost
  • easy to retrofit solution for numerous designs of small sewage treatment plants
  • no use of chemicals directly into the waste water
  • no additional sludge production
  • The filter granules can be regenerated to maintain the adsorption capacity
  • Possibility of recovering the phosphorus and subsequent use as a secondary raw material for fertilizer production
  • problem-free and cost-effective disposal of the used adsorbent

Application areas

  • SBR plants
  • activated sludge plants
  • fixed bed plants
  • MBR plants
  • trickling filter system
  • and more…

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