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FerroSorp® S series

Pelletized gas purification compound for binding hydrogen sulphide


Ferrosorp® S is based on iron hydroxide and therefore has a very high affinity for H2S. Due to the selective reaction, very high loading rates can be achieved. This makes the FerroSorp® S products particularly economical compared to alternatives.
We offer different grain sizes and products for the optimal solution for your requirements.

Whether 20 ppm or 27,000 ppm H2S, FerroSorp® S reliably cleans your gas to 0 ppm.

Your benefits

  • used and tested for more than 20 years
  • high purification performance
  • high economic value
  • high loading rates for H2S
  • minimised losses in pressure drop due to optimized pellet shape
  • achieves 0 ppm H2S at the outlet


The H2S-containing biogas is passes through a fixed-bed or moving-bed reactor, which is filled with the formed gas purification compund FerroSorp® S. Solid iron sulphide is formed by a chemical reaction of the gaseous hydrogen sulphide with the iron hydroxid, wich can be converted into elemental sulphur in a second reaction.

Dosing air or oxygen causes a continuous regeneration of the gas purification media and ensures maximum loading rates of the FerroSorp® S products.

Specifications and grain sizes

  • FerroSorp® S (2 – 4 mm, 2 – 8 mm, 5 – 25 mm)
  • FerroSorp® Sk (2 – 4 mm, 2 – 8 mm, 5 – 25 mm)
  • FerroSorp® Sd (2 – 4 mm)

Based on your system specifications, we determine together which specification and particle size are most effective for your system. Our qualified customer advisors will be happy to advise you!

Delivery form & packaging units

  • Bagged goods (25 kg), palletized at 825 kg
  • Big Bags (550 – 1,000 kg, individual filling weight on request)