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FerroSorp® Plus

Filter material for removing phosphate and silicate from aquariums as well as garden and swimming ponds.


Phosphates, together with nitrates, are the main nutrients for algae. Excessively high phosphate concentrations promote the unwanted growth of algae in saltwater and freshwater aquariums. The algae lead to a clearly perceptible green coloration of the water. In addition, algae form green or brown deposits on the panes of the aquarium or occur in the form of thread or brush algae as growth on aquatic plants.

Plus was specially developed for the adsorptive removal of phosphate and silicate from water in freshwater and seawater aquariums and garden ponds. As a filter medium, it is able to bind phosphate ions quickly, effectively and irreversibly due to its large and highly porous surface. In addition to phosphates and silicates, the FerroSorp® Plus also binds harmful heavy metal ions such as lead, copper and zinc.

Your benefits

  • High cleaning performance at low cost
  • High loading rates due to a highly porous surface
  • Can be used universally in a wide variety of filter systems

Application areas

  • in filter cartridges that work according to the principle of the fixed bed filter
  • in practically every multi-layer filter

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