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FerroSorp® GW

Adsorber material for water sanitation and restoration

General info

Lake eutrophication is one of the most common water quality problems worldwide.
The restrictions on use associated with eutrophication, e.g. with regard to drinking water production, fish farming, bathing or recreational value, often lead to efforts to improve the trophic situation.

A very effective way of doing this is to attach phosphorus to the surface of iron hydroxide. In order to meet the different requirements regarding the treatment technology, a range of products was developed under the name FerroSorp® GW, with which both in-situ and ex-situ measures for phosphate elimination can be implemented.

Your benefits

  • High effectiveness at low cost
  • High loading rates due to a highly porous surface Compared to iron or aluminum salt solutions:
  • No pH change in the treated water
  • No entry of anions into the water
  • No hazardous material – problem-free
  • storage and handling

Areas of application

  • In situ treatment of a body of water
  • Use in quick filters, floating on the water or stationary on the bank
  • in special filter bags with which, for example, a nutrient trap can be set up in the inflow to water bodies

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