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FerroSorp® DG-Series

Reactant for binding hydrogen sulphide


Ferrosorp® DG products are reactants in powder form based on iron hydroxide, which bind the hydrogen sulfide (H2S) produced during anaerobic fermentation in biogas plants in the fermentation substrate.

Downstream desulfurization techniques, e.g. biological air desulfurization or activated carbon, initially allow the formation of H2S, although it has been proven that H2S has an inhibiting effect on methanogenesis and trace elements are precipitated by high sulphide concentrations in the fermentation medium.

From our large product portfolio of currently 6 different specifications, our specialist staff determines the best possible desulfurization concept for the requirements of your individual operating conditions.

Your Benefits

  • binds sulphides already in the fermentation medium
  • and thus prevents the formation of H2S
  • avoids the H2S-related inhibition of methanogenesis
  • prevents corrosion of concrete and plant parts
  • improved availability of trace elements
  • no salting of the fermentation medium, as is possible with iron chlorides
  • Sulfur is retained for agricultural use of the digestate as fertilizer

Application areas

  • agricultural biogas plants
  • waste digestion plants
  • cofermentation plants
  • biomethane plants


Biogas plants easiest together with the fermentation substrates
(e.g. solids dispenser).

FerroSorp® DG can be used as the sole desulfurization agent, but is also an optimal support for air desulphurization or gas cleaning products such as FerroSorp® S or activated carbon.

FerroSorp® DGµ
FerroSorp® DGµ25
FerroSorp® DG+
FerroSorp® DGp
FerroSorp® DGm

Forms of delivery & packaging units*

  • fermentable sacks (5 – 20 kg)
  • Big bags (350 – 1,000 kg)
  • Bulk goods (max. 24 t)

*Please note that different packaging shapes and quantities may be required depending on the product or production.

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