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Antischaum 2050

Combat foam – quickly and reliably

General info

Foam is one of the most common problems in biogas plants and is often an indicator of a disruption in the biological degradation processes.

From the extensive range of anti-foam products, Antischaum 2050 has particularly proven itself when used in biogas plants.

The biodegradable Antischaum 2050 is free of mineral oil and silicone.

Possible causes of foaming

  • Inhibitors (e.g. antibiotics)
  • quick substrate change
  • insufficiently ensiled substrates
  • Supply of protein-rich substrates (e.g. grain)
  • Acid accumulation / inhibition


Antischaum 2050 should be added to the fermentation medium at a point that is as turbulent as possible to ensure good distribution.

Delivery forms & packaging units

  • PE canister (5 l, 10 l or 30 l)
  • Barrel goods (190 kg)
  • IBC container (900 kg)

Application areas

The use of Antischaum 2050 is recommended above all for spontaneous defoaming, but also as a prophylaxis against foam formation and

  • fermenter content
  • liquid substrates (slurry)
  • percolate liquid
  • Centrates from the digestate dewatering

Dosing technology

We also offer the right dosing technology.
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