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Gas Purification department

Pelletized hydrogen sulfide filter media for external desulfurization

Focus on hydrogen sulfide

Hydrogen sulfide is toxic, inhibits the biological degradation of your substrates and promotes corrosive processes.

Many plants around the globe are utilizing organic materials such as animal manure, food waste, maize, grass, wheat and more to produce biogas. The biogas plants are perfectly suited to close ecological cycles, in order to reduce the carbon footprint, increase resource efficiency and add value to local economies. – providing they operate efficiently and predictably. However, to achieve that, there is a strong demand for a robust, high quality, versatile, effective and economical solution to remove H₂S in the best possible way.

Fortunately, our scientists engineered FerroSorp® S media pellets to overcome even the most difficult H2S problems, thus providing biogas plant operators with the ideal solution to bind H2S.

FerroSorp® S – a high quality product Made in Germany – is a pelletized and highly effective media based on iron hydroxide. For over 20 years FerroSorp® S has proven itself to be the best product
for the job, even under some of the harshest, mostchallenging gas conditions.

The result is, that each year more and more sites around the globe opt for using FerroSorp® S as their solution to the H2S problem.

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Project Engineer & Account Manager Europe

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