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Additive for dewatering sludge

With ZeoMin® as an additive, costs can be reduced.

  • Higher throughput
  • Less downtime
  • Lower polymer / lime / ferric chloride costs
  • Improved filtrate or centrate water quality
  • Less disruption to the biological purification stage
  • Reduction of odor emissions

Overall, the wastewater treatment plant will improve with regard to the following parameters:

  • Reduction of NO3N
  • Reduction NH4N
  • Reduction of phosphates
  • Improvement BOD / COD

Essential points of sewage sludge utilization are:

  • Quality of the sewage sludge based on its ingredients
  • Further workability due to its water content and shear strength

With ZeoMin® during drainage, a high and immediate water absorption is achieved and fulfills the function of a support structure. This significantly reduces the costs for high flocculant consumption, long downtimes, poor quality of the return water and much more.

At the same time, the additive should also lead to an improvement in the quality of the sewage sludge.

ZeoMin® is a natural mineral molecular sieve with a huge inner and outer surface. It is an ion exchanger with a high exchange capacity

  • Fixed incorporation of heavy metals and radionuclides in the mineral
  • Uptake and storage of nitrogen compound (NH4N) in plant-available form
  • Reducing the risk of mycotoxins
  • The extremely large outer surface of ZeoMin leads to significant improvements in all further uses.
  • In thermals: Less clumping and much larger surface area for radiation absorption
  • Composting / recultivation: Very large outer surface with an optimal matrix for the colonization of microorganisms
  • Uptake of nitrogen compounds by the plants from the mineral
  • Absorbed heavy metals and radionuclides are not eluted and cannot be taken up by plants.

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