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Process optimization / plant stabilization of biogas plants


Klinopmin® is a molecularly porous natural product with a three-dimensional framework structure and a large biologically available surface. Through surface adhesion, van der Waals forces and ion exchange, Klinopmin® stabilizes and improves the biological processes in biogas plants.

Your benefits

  • ideal growth area for microorganisms
  • more biologically available surface for liquid fermentation substrates (e.g. slaughterhouse waste)
  • Increase in microbial biomass
  • improved viscosity and homogeneity of the fermentation medium
  • Energy savings due to less stirring effort
  • Reduction of continuous, substrate-related foam formation
  • reduced outgassing of ammonia from the digestate by binding NH4+


The addition of Klinopmin® Klinopmin® is easily added together with the fermentation substrates.

Due to the fine grinding (< 50 µm), the product is usually stable to sedimentation.

The product should be stored in a dry place.

Delivery form & packaging units

  • fermentable bagged goods (25 kg)
  • Big bags (1,000 kg)
  • Bulk goods (max. 24 t)

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