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GasAlert MicroClip multi-gas detector

Protection against hazards from explosive gases

General info

Employees, especially on biogas plants, may be exposed to an invisible but no less serious hazard from escaping gases.

These include in particular:

  • methane
  • carbon dioxide
  • ammonia
  • hydrogen sulfide

A particular hazard comes from gases that collect (heavier than air) in depressions and pits.

The GasAlert MicroClip portable multi-gas monitor is designed to protect against explosive gas hazards.

Ideal for businesses that demand reliability, high uptime and ease of use combined with low running costs.

Your advantages

  • simple calibration and function test
  • light and comfortable to wear
  • Uncomplicated operation and low learning curve with simple one-button operation
  • simple visual confirmation with green flashing IntelliFlash™ light
  • user-friendly and cost-effective


  • LCD display shows gas concentrations in real time
  • waterproof & usable in cold weather
  • simple procedure for automatic calibration
  • Compatible with the automatic test and calibration station BW MicroDock II
  • Self-test of all functions of the sensor, battery/rechargeable battery and electronics as well as the acoustic/optical alarms when switched on
  • bright wide-angle alarm indicators
  • integrated shockproof rubber protective cover
  • IntelliFlash™ checks operational readiness for operators and supervisors
  • tamper-proof, one-button operation
  • Powered by a lithium polymer battery
  • Multiple language support (German, English, French, Spanish and Portuguese)

Accessories and extras

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