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Chabasite, Phillipsite, Clinoptilolite

Filter minerals to eliminate heavy metals and radionuclides in drinking water

Natural zeolites are ion exchangers (cation exchangers) and, depending on the type and quality, have a high affinity for the absorption of heavy metals.

Well suited zeolite for removing heavy metals is: chabazite/phillipsite/clinoptilolite.

By means of ion exchange, uranium and other heavy metals and above all ammonium ions can be adsorbed without the addition of chemicals. This is possible in filter systems in water treatment plants. Even the use in existing domestic filters would be effective and easily possible.

In addition to uranium, there are other pollutants in regionally varying amounts as radionuclides in the water:

Starting nuclide of the uranium-radium decay series: U 238 (primordial radionuclides)
Daughter nuclides of the uranium-radium decay series: Th 234, Pa 234, U 234, Ra 226, Pb 214, Bi 214, Pb 210 (mean value mother nuclides) K 40 (primordial radionuclides)
Fission products in nuclear technology: Cs 134, Cs 137
Starting nuclide of the thorium decay chain: Th 232 (primordial radionuclides)
Daughter nuclides of the thorium decay series: Ac 228. Th 228, Ra 224, Pb 212, Bi 212, Tl 208
Starting nuclide of the actinium decay series: U 235 (primordial radionuclides)

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