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Rainwater management / street water treatment

Rain runoff from streets and paved areas are contaminated with pollutants to varying degrees, depending on how the area is used. In addition to alkali and alkaline earth ions, rainwater runoff also contains nutrients (phosphate, nitrate, ammonium), heavy metals (lead, arsenic, cadmium, nickel and zinc) and organic compounds (petroleum hydrocarbons, phenols, surfactants) as well as dioxins and furans.

In conventional rainwater treatment systems, the suspended particles are primarily separated. In contrast, the above-mentioned substances, which mainly occur in water-dissolved form, are only separated to a small extent and thus pose a risk to surface and ground water. With the “FerroSorp® RW” adsorbent specially developed for the treatment of rainwater runoff, there is now an efficient and cost-effective adsorbent Possibility for further pollutant separation from precipitation runoff. It can be used in both existing and new rainwater treatment and rainwater infiltration systems.

Our solution: